5 Things You Probably Have But Don’t Need


1. Cable.

If you still have cable, it’s time to make the change. Cable is mostly endless channels of “junk food.” We’re bombarded with advertisements everywhere in life. Giving up conventional TV is one area in which we can control how much excess advertising we’re exposed to. You’ll also be able to be to rid yourself of the 24/7 doses of bad news dished out on cable.

Making the change away from cable is almost painless due to all the online options.

2. A second car.

Some families genuinely need a second car. However if you can survive without a second car you might be surprised by how much money you save and how planning around only having access to one vehicle isn’t too hard.

3. Almost any monthly subscription where you could pay A la Carte.

Monthly subscriptions may seem like good value but they hardly ever are. How many times have you bought a gym membership and not used it? Gyms would be so crowded you couldn’t move if everyone who is a member actually went! They bank on only a small proportion of members attending regularly.

I challenge you to get rid of any subscription where you have the option to pay as you go instead.

You can also put a subscription on hold. I have one subscription where I do this 3 months a year.

4. Any kitchen appliance that does only one thing.

9 out of 10 times if you buy a single use kitchen appliance, you probably won’t use it nearly as much as you think. For example, ice-cream maker, donut maker, panini press, fondue pot.

Instead of buying these things, you may just be able to borrow them or “swap” with friends e.g. lend out your ice-cream maker in exchange for using a friend or relative’s panini press.

5. Magazine subscriptions.

Magazine subscriptions suck you into with super low rates, to the extent they almost seem free. However, magazines are mostly just vehicles for advertising and poor body esteem! The main barrier to canceling is usually the time it takes to do that. Instead of waiting until your renewal try cutting the cord now.

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  1. Since I have been traveliing full time I had to gave up all my material possessions and I have to admit I don’t miss much. The longer I go without any of them the more I realize there is so much I don’t need anymore.

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